Humboldt Marijuana: Best Cannabis in the World

humboldt marijuana best in the worldHumboldt County in northern California is the heart of the famed Emerald Triangle, known worldwide for producing the best marijuana on the planet. It has been called the “Napa Valley of Cannabis.” Humboldt Marijuana is world renowned.

How and why is this the case? Well, it starts with the weather. Humboldt has the perfect climate for growing pot. Warm days and cool nights, lots of sun and lots of fog. Too much fog and the crop can be ruined, but just the right amount of fog, the right amount of rain, and the gods and goddesses of cannabis will smile on your plants.

We’re also convinced there’s something special in the groundwater here.

Why is Humboldt marijuana the best weed in the world?

That’s the nature part of the equation. Now for the nurture. Whether we’re talking about baseball, cooking, making love, or growing pot, there’s no substitute for experience, and marijuana growers in this region have been perfecting their craft for decades. That’s fifty years of fine-tuning what soil amendments to add, what micronutrients to use, what compost teas to brew and how long to brew them. That’s fifty years of sharing some techniques and zealously keeping others secret (just the other day one grower told me how three weeks before harvest she . . . well, she made me promise not to tell, and I cannot break that confidence, but I can sure tell you I’m going to add her wisdom to my own repertoire).

All of this adds up to the finest marijuana the world has ever seen. And smoked.

And it also adds up to an almost unbelievable variety of strains, as friends share seeds and clones, make crosses, share those strains (and as with techniques keep some strains to themselves: we’ve all got those special favorite strains for which we’ll gladly share buds but not babies), and refine, refine, refine.

A strain for everyone!

So, you need pain relief? Medical marijuana activists have spent decades crossing and re-crossing strains to provide exactly that. Need help with PTSD? We’ve got strains that will cradle you in their leafy arms. Insomnia? These strains will rock you to sleep. Seizures, anxiety, appetite, nausea? The plants are eager to help with these issues and more. And if you’re looking for a good time, or to get stoned off your gourd, well, we’ve got you covered for that too.

We just wrote that the “plants are eager to help.” We weren’t being hyperbolic, or metaphorical. And this, too, is a reason for the magic of Humboldt marijuana. Many in this county love their plants. Sure, there are people who’ve moved in only for the money, just as people move in all over for money. But those aren’t the people we work with. The best growers love their plants, and their plants love them. They love their plants like family. Because the plants are family. Many growers not infrequently sleep in their grow rooms or in their grow fields. Not just for security reasons (yes, there are thieves in the Emerald Triangle like there are thieves everywhere) but because they love how simply being around the plants affects their dreams. They love listening to the plants at night, with their whisperings, their singing, their dancing, their chanting, all through the night and into the day.

We love our plants.

How is your Humboldt marijuana grown?

Some of our marijuana is grown outdoors. This is labeled clearly as outdoor marijuana. Most of it is grown indoors. These buds, while not as large as the outdoor buds (which can sometimes be almost frighteningly large) are often stronger. Why? Because indoor it’s easier to be more precise with the quantity and quality of nutrients. Many of our growers use complex mixtures of ten, fifteen, twenty different nutrients every feeding, with this changing by the week and certainly mixed specifically for that strain (Trainwreck, for example, is hungry for all the nutrients a sane person will give; while feeding the Dr. Grinspoon strain that same amount of nutrients will kill her in three weeks). So, much of our marijuana is grown indoors.

What strains of Humboldt marijuana do you grow?

We have information about the specific strains we grow on our sales page. But here also are some reviews/responses of some of the strains we carry written by an old time stoner

Purple Grandaddy: This is stoner pot. My word for this weed is clarity. Expect a clear high with lots of clarity and easy introspection.

C4: Reminds me why those who have been saying pot is a hallucinogen are correct. This is powerful, dreamy, and trippy. The trip is shiny, chrome-plated, and long lasting. This pot reminds me of mescaline: trippy and surprisingly fun. Enjoy it slowly during the day or smoke a bunch and remember how you felt when you first started getting high.

Sleetstack X Skunk: Smooth and powerful. This pot reminds me why we call it “getting high.” It is pleasant, takes you up comfortably and leaves you very subdued Really I was wiped out afterward, but it wasn’t in an uncomfortable way. Some people will like this about it.

Cinderella 99: Crisp, understated, yet powerful weed. This is a good daily driver for people who still need to function. It is ideal for people who would like to smoke but are tired of unpleasant weed. This is my choice for non-smokers and leaves one a little wasted. Some people are looking for that.

Trainwreck: This pot takes off like a rocket, and powers you into an outer orbit. Look for body sensations. This pot is too jittery for me, but thrill seekers will be satisfied.

Afwreck: Another daily driver if peace and joy are your thing. This pot reliably reminds me why I started smoking pot. I haven’t enjoyed smoking this much since the bags of Gold Columbian I used to get from a guy named Dharma. Fun, fun, fun.

Big Bud X Trainwreck: This is a smooth and powerful weed. My word for this pot is clarity. This weed is perfect for people uncomfortable with foggy highs.

Jamacian Dream: This is a goofy and energetic smoke. Life strikes me as pretty funny under its influence. I can always use a good laugh, and that is pretty much guaranteed with Jamacian dreams. Smoke some and go out to greet the day!

Cinderella Skunk: This weed is like Cinderella but with a bigger motor. To me, this is an improvement over the fairly light Cinderella99 by itself. I found it to be non-jittery and it slowed down the mental processes without paranoia. It has a spicy, hashlike taste and is trippy in a cinematic way.

White Dragon: I feel stoned, fumble-fingered and tingly on this pot. It made me a little anxious but very energized at the same time. It is long-lasting and left me feeling pleasantly spent. White Dragon is a fairly wild ride. I like to smoke several times during the day, but I think this is more of a once-a-day or special occasion pot.

Thai: I would call Thai pretty strong pot. It takes you way up and then brings you down a little washed out. This is good pot for party or club scenes. I would recommend it for seasoned professionals who aren’t bothered by seeing the occasional lizard person. Experienced smokers should give this one a try. It might turn out to be a favorite.

Double Black: The name scared me a little, but I really enjoyed this weed. It has a rich spicy flavor and the high is light, goofy and party inducing. I found myself pretty clear headed and functional, so try this one if you don’t like being made fun of by non-smokers.

White Widow: This is a personal favorite. I think all weed should be White Widow, or as a minimum, everybody should try it. This weed numbs in a comfortable way. It is thick and foggy mentally. The experience is calm and clear. Overall, this is great weed.

Blue Dream: This stuff starts out really pleasantly like a big puffy marshmallow. It is trippy and colorful, making cool patterns when you blink. Mentally, it is very introspective. Ponder peace and love with this one. It makes life more fun and interesting.

24 Karat: 24 Karat is a favorite of mine. It is subtle yet powerful. I found it pleasantly numbing while simultaneously leaving me functional. This weed is easy to enjoy without any fear or anxiety. It is like riding a plane with smooth powerful jet engines. Break out the reggae music. This weed would have been a favorite of Bob Marley. It picks back up nicely when you have some more, so you can enjoy it for long periods.

Pineapple Express: Why pineapple? The aftertaste reminded me of pineapple. This weed is powerfully lethargic and would be good for breaks and naps. It is very stony and left me feeling foggy. This is a good choice for people who want a weed for calming or sleep.

Purple, Pure and Amnesia Kush

These kush varieties are pretty similar. I felt like the purple kush was the most trippy, pure in the middle, and followed by amnesia. You get to decide how you want it. I am more into the mellower experience, but your milage may vary.

Purple Kush: This pot has a very nice weedy taste that made me salivate the way good pot does. It has a very pleasant and trippy high with lots of visuals and sensory enhancement. You never heard birds chirping until you walk around the neighborhood high on this pot. I rate this weed fun, fun, fun and was a bit washed out an hour later.

Pure Kush: Pure kush has a really great flavor. It is a pleasant high and made me smile a bunch. This weed should be mandatory if we want to heal the world faster. It is another classic kush with a trippy high and a pretty fast come-down. This weed is perfect for thrill seekers for sure.

Amnesia Kush: I wanted to write a nice review but it made me forget… Seriously, this is another nice kush experience. The high is playful and fun but maybe a bit less dramatic than the other kush varieties I tried. The aftermath is calm and pleasant.

Cherry Bomb: Cherry Bomb has fairly harsh smoke, and I found the experience goofy and intoxicating. It was on the verge of an out-of-body experience for me, like looking down to see yourself enjoying your day. You could smoke this pot at work if you don’t operate heavy machinery. It reminds me of what smoking was like when I was a teenager. An hour later I am pretty spent.

Blood Orange: Blood Orange has a strong smoke flavor that reminded me of Amsterdam. It brings pleasant body sensations with it and is a bit of a creeper pot. Smoking blood orange make me wonder how far it could go at first. It made me very introspective and would be good for contemplating your life or whatever. Pretty quickly I was really drowsy then totally wiped out. I know lots of people like that effect for relaxation, and this pot would be a good choice.