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Grade A Marijuana

Priced as follows:

  • 1 oz, $200 Grade A, $180 Grade B
  • 8 oz, $1600
  • 1 lb, $3200
  • 2 lbs, $6000
  • 3 lbs, $9000

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Sour Diesel

Some people will say “lemon diesel” And, yes, that is an undertone, but the odor of sour diesel is predominantly a super-skunk smell. It is very pungent and very nice vaporized or smoked.

The high comes on fairly quick, but lasts longer than most indicas. A nice, balanced, sativa-dominant stone that lasts about 1-4 hours depending on tolerance.

Blue Dream

This stuff starts out really pleasantly like a big puffy marshmallow. It is trippy and colorful, making cool patterns when you blink.

Mentally, it is very introspective. Ponder peace and love with this one. It makes life more fun and interesting.


Chemdawg is an indica-heavy hybrid. It provides a very relaxing, cerebral high. A popular medical strain, Chemdawg is the rumored parent of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Has a spicy, fuelly citrus smell and provides a relaxed but active high.

Why the bunny picture, you ask? Just cause it’s cute.

OG Kush

A very strong, musky smell, mostly of hash. The undertones are described as both lemon candy and coffee. The initial hit has an herbal, earthy taste with much of the exhale quickly transforming into a very smooth kush taste that lingers for a long time.

The buzz comes on almost immediately, a full-on indica blast with a pile of body sensations, very warm and powerful. Don’t plan on doing much after smoking. OG Kush – potent stuff!

We can recommend it for pain control, insomnia, appetite, and stress relief.

Green Candy

A sativa-dominant cannabis, with a great spicy-fruity taste. The high comes on fast, usually with a burst of euphoria and creativity.

It settles into a level stone, nicely social and productive.

Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice is a cross between the legendary G13 strain and the Hash Plant. She is named in honor of Howard Marks, the Oxford graduate who became one of the biggest Marijuana smugglers of our time. After his time in federal prison Howard released his autobiography entitled “Mr. Nice”.

This plant has extremely dense buds with a sweet, fruity smell, like a walk through an orchard. Mr. Nice will creep up and provide you with a strong, mellow high. Good for day time use and for pain, headaches, and anything else that ails you.

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Grade B Marijuana

Priced at $180 per oz.

top quality Humboldt weed!Afwreck

Afwreck is a Humboldt County classic, a cross of Trainwreck and Afghan. The high is more of a creeper, and on the mellow end. The smell is slightly astringent.

Here’s the report from an old school stoner: “It’s a daily driver, if peace and joy are your thing. This pot reliably reminds me why I started smoking pot. I haven’t enjoyed smoking this much since the bags of gold Colombian I used to get from a guy named Dharma. Fun, fun, fun.”

Green Monkey (Sleestack x Skunk Green Candy)

This strain combines the fruitiness and uplifting effects of Green Crack (which we prefer to call Green Candy) with the hashy funk of Sleestack X Skunk.

Old school stoner report: “The flavor of this weed reminds me of Hawaiian. It has a good flavor that persists. I love this weed. It is energetic and fun. It will get you pretty high multiple times a day, if that is your thing. It’s the complete package and generates a pleasant numbing fog.

Jamaican Dream

Multiple award winning Jamaican Dream is one of the most fun smokes we’ve ever had. The smell is light and fruity. It’s a goofy and energetic smoke. Life strikes us as pretty funny under its influence.

We can always use a good laugh, and that is pretty much guaranteed with Jamaican Dream. It’s perfect for wake and bake, but works also for PTSD and chronic pain.

Smoke some and go out to greet the day!

I would call Thai pretty strong pot. It takes you way up and then brings you down a little washed out. This is good pot for party or club scenes.

I would recommend it for seasoned professionals who aren’t bothered by seeing the occasional lizard person. Experienced smokers should give this one a try. It might turn out to be a favorite.


Trainwreck is a Humboldt classic that takes off like a rocket, and powers you into an outer orbit. Look for body sensations. This pot is known among the club scene as one that will definitely not couch lock you, but leave you energetic enough to go all night.

Definitely not for insomnia, but works great for PTSD an chronic pain. Very good for depression. Too energetic for some, but thrill seekers will be satisfied.

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Priced at 10 for $50, or 20 for $95


We blend chocolate, butter from local cows on pasture, and Humboldt County medicine…and what we get is magic.

What better way to enjoy Maryjane than with a chewey, chocolatey treat?

Available in Gluten-Free!

Rice Krispy Treats

We get butter from local cows on pasture and combine it with Humboldt County medicine…and what we get is magic in the form of a classic stoner treat.

Chewy, crunchy, and guaranteed to be fun.

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